CAPITAL: Salt Lake City
HIGH POINT: Kings Peak (13,528 feet)
STATE FLOWER: Sego Lily (Calochortus nuttalli)
STATE TREE: Blue Spruce (Picea pungens)
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Skyline National Recreation Trail (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail #1 - The Skyline National Recreation Trail is located fifteen miles east of Beaver, Utah.
  2. Trail #2 - It rained during almost the entire hike!
  3. Trail #3 - The trailhead was Big Flat, located a few miles south of Puffer Lake.
  4. Columbine #1 - A member of the genus Aquilegia of the Buttercup Family.
  5. Columbine #2 - Water on the lense ruined several of these shots, btw.
  6. Larkspur - A member of the genus Delphinium of the Buttercup Family.
  7. Trail Sign - Big Johns Flat is at the north end of the trail.
  8. Columbine #3 - A full plant view of this member of the Ranunculaceae.
  9. Columbine #4 - A nice specimen with only some distortion due to rain.
  10. Columbine #5 - Another nice specimen!
  11. Columbine #6 - Looking at the backside of a flower.
  12. Columbine #7 - Another nice flower!
  13. Columbine #8 - Pretty good shot despite the rain!
  14. Paintbrush - A member of the genus Castilleja of the Figwort Family.
  15. Fungus - A mushroom or toadstool by the trail.

King's Peak (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. King's Peak - View of King's Peak from near Dollar Lake.
  2. Peak View - A person hiking up last part of the way up to King's Peak.
  3. People on Peak - At least sixty people made it to the top on this day.
  4. Climbing Peak - A couple people can be seen here near the top.
  5. Mountain Bog Gentian #1 - Gentiana calycosa of the Gentian Family.
  6. Painter Basin #1 - Interesting seed puffs growing in basin below peak.
  7. Painter Basin #2 - Pink elephant head growing in meadow.
  8. Sheep - There were about 150 sheep grazing in Painter Basin below Gunsight Pass.
  9. White Columbine - A member of the genus Aquilegia of the Buttercup Family.
  10. Harebell - Campanula rotundifolia of the Bellflower Family.
  11. Mountain Bog Gentian #2 - Numerous flower buds and flowers growing in meadow areas.
  12. Brook Saxifrage - Saxifraga odontoloma of the Saxifrage Family.
  13. Spearleaf Stonecrop - Sedum lanceolatum of the Stonecrop Family.
  14. Mountain View - Reddish mountains of the area.
  15. Trail Sign - Extended route or the direct route?
  16. Yellow Flowers - Bright yellow members of the Sunflower Family.
  17. Yellow Paintbrush - A member of the genus Castilleja of the Figwort Family.
  18. Artic Gentian - Gentian algida, also known as Gentian romanzovii.
  19. Mountain View - Another look at the mountains around Henry's Fork.
  20. Gunsight Pass - Looking up towards Gunsight Pass from near Dollar Lake.

Mount Timpanagos (August 2002)
  1. Tiny Frog - Tiny frog found in meadow.
  2. Peak #1 - Geo marker on top of the peak.
  3. Peak #2 - Hut at top of Mt. Timpanagos.

Zion National Park (July 2002)
  1. Virgin River #1 - Looking up river about a mile from end of river walk.
  2. Virgin River #2 - Looking down river from the same spot as in last picture.
  3. Walter's Walk - Section of "trail" leading up to Angel's Landing.
  4. Cave - A little cave along the "trail" leading up to Angel's Landing.
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